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The PUZZLE MAXI machine is a patented machine that was created to recycle the stone waste. This new PUZZLE MAXI is a powerful hydraulic machine, that runs with bigger molds, up to 350x350mm / 13x13inches and can cut at 100mm / 3inches thickness. With the new Punie Maxi using double molds, the production increases about 40%.
The molds have a guarantee of 1000m2. W have disposal several forms. But customized are avaiable.
All our equipments have 2 warranty years.

Tecnical Features

380V / 220V
5.5Kw / 7.5HP
50 Ton
400x400mm / 15x15inches
100mm / 3 inches
D2 Technology

Our goal is create and simplify more and more technological equipment so that the ornamental stone processing industry is also a sector with an increasingly positive dynamism.


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Oleiros, Braga

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